Green works!
But just how green is your working world in reality?


It’s time to create some sustainable facts! And we do this with the Green Workplace Index, the first index on practiced ecological sustainability at the workplace.

The index enables you to take a closer look at your company from a green perspective and to evaluate it: Is ecological sustainability a factor in the day-to-day work at your company? Do sustainable ideas generated by the employees receive support from management? Which of them are still just ideas and which have actually been implemented? This way, you can identify key potential on which you and your entire team can build on for the future.

Many questions, one Green Workplace Index:
Based on the Green Workplace Index, we can show you precisely how your company is perceived by your employees when it comes to ecological corporate culture. Let’s work together with the Green Workplace Index to drive your ecological corporate culture! 

What can you achieve with the Green Workplace Index?


      Discover the potential of your green corporate culture

      Ensure even greater involvement of your employees

      Develop the appropriate framework conditions

      Make even better use of existing environmental management systems

      Reach the next level in environmental and climate protection

Advantages for companies


You recognise how green the daily work is perceived and lived

Discover possibilities

You see where the relevant levers are

Take a stand

You show how important the topic is to you – internally and externally

Be a pioneer

Make use of your
employees’ potential as a gamechanger for more sustainability

How do we work? And what do we want to ask you?

      Valid: We make use of scientific findings.

      Relevant: We measure how green corporate culture is practised.

      Understandable: The survey has been designed to be clear and easy to understand.


    Supportive framework conditions for green action

    Support for green action through leadership

    Perceived attractiveness of the employer

How do we proceed?


Register for the survey on this page


Your registration data will be processed by us


You will receive the necessary documents by e-mail


Simple and low-effort via open link


Immediately after the agreed term, you will receive the analysis

Our promise: Low effort, high data security.

Low effort

The online tool provided is ready for immediate use and the IT platform has been tested for many years. 

Intuitively usable and easy to understand

The survey can conveniently be conducted on a PC, tablet or on a mobile phone and is also optimised for barrier-free usage.

Easy to implement

With the information package you will receive a confidentiality agreement, the company-specific link, free usable graphics for branding, a proposal for internal communication and the name of a contact person from HR4GREEN.

Secure and data-protection compliant

The proven online platform guarantees that the survey is carried out in a data-secure manner. The data stored on German servers is evaluated anonymously in mean values.

Rapid availability of the results

The use of the online survey platform makes it possible for you to receive automated result immediately after the completion of the survey.

Get in touch with us!

Participate as a company and receive a company-specific evaluation.

Use the contact form or send us an email: 

The people behind the Green Workplace Index:

HR4GREEN – that’s Jan Zöller, Alexandra Hiekel, Dr. Ralf Schimetzek and Stefan Dirk. We are an experienced group of personnel consultants, entrepreneurs, and organisation & executive development professionals. Our goal is to make every single employee of a company a “game changer” for greater ecological sustainability!

Our scientific advisor:

In this survey, HR4GREEN is collaborating with Professor Dr. Thorsten Semrau. Dr. Semrau is Professor of Management at Trier University and he is an expert on corporate development and personnel management. Dr. Semrau evaluates our data, advises us on the design of our questionnaires, and ensures the scientific validity of our statements.