green corporate culture

Consulting and support for a HR-driven transformation

Why green culture?

To create a movement

Ecological sustainability: From nine to five and way beyond.

Environmental and climate protection are strong words with major implications. In the corporate world, we have to look beyond the stack of paper at the photocopier or the plastic cutlery in the staff restaurant.

We must introduce sustainability to the entire organisational culture.

When this is firmly embedded in the minds of the employees and practiced at all levels and at all company locations, organisations can assume ecological responsibility, open up new markets, and change society.

Your Team4Green
We enable change

At HR4GREEN we are experienced organisation developers, trainers and personnel consultants. With our concept, we can provide you with systematic and structured support on your journey to sustainable HR Management. 


We do this with an entrepreneurial passion and with an acute sense of the needs of your employees. Only when everybody pulls together is green culture put into practice in the company and visible to the outside world.


With our Green Culture Check, you can describe the status quo of your green culture and, based on this, determine what you wish to work on.

Provide structure

What are the advantages of green HR? And how can green HR be implemented in your organisation? Our HR consulting answers these questions and offers the optimal format for your company to position itself.


Step by step, we support you with the implementation in your organisation. Green thinking and acting thus becomes part of your routine and is integrated into all company decisions.

We are consultants for a green corporate culture and we offer a well-designed overall concept for management of HR-based change. Our team supports organisations on their journey – with acumen, passion, and the belief that we can work together step by step to make the world a better place. 


Let’s go

Join a cultural movement that can change society

  • Discover the potential of your green corporate culture
  • Develop the appropriate framework: Your green human resources management

  • Let your employees become cultural ambassadors

  • Improve your cultural performance
  • Make even better use of existing environmental management systems

  • Reach the next level of environmental and climate protection

  • Become part of the HR4GREEN movement


Find out more in our free info seminar:

For those who want to know more

Whether outside in the environment or within your company departments: Every climate is influenced by ecological thinking and action. Studies, scientific findings and examples from all over the world show that green corporate cultures have proven to be effective and what green corporate cultures can achieve – be it globally or in-house.


Would you like to find out more and obtain detailed information? Then GetReady4Green is the way to go. In this training, you will find a network of scientific findings, information on green human resources and green corporate culture. You can find know-how relating to the required framework conditions for successful green culture development and also ideas and inspiration for your own company. 


Green Culture Check

Green culture can be measured. For this reason, it is important to obtain facts and figures and not just a colourful catalogue of measures.

With our Green Culture Check, you can express the environmental and climate awareness within your organisation as a value.

This provides you with a barometer of the mood, which describes exactly the sustainable corporate culture and the expectations of the employees.

Based on the Green Culture Check, we can jointly identify action areas and translate the requirement for change into concrete processes.

The result also creates transparency. Based on the figures, each employee can see exactly where and how green culture is to be implemented in the future. This increases willingness to actively contribute to ecological change.

Green HR Consulting
Well informed and well positioned to face future

We can talk a lot about ecological corporate culture. But we much prefer to take action. We implement future-oriented concepts and concrete solutions that make a big difference, both internally and externally.


Across all organisational units, we establish a common understanding of ecological sustainability.


We adapt HR processes and instruments to green organisational goals and values. 


At both operational and strategic levels, we anchor green HR with the processes in your organisation. This way, green HR culture becomes an integral component of your overall company alignment.

Green Transformation
Ready, steady, change!

Ecologically positioned and psychologically sound: This is how we support you on your path to a green corporate culture.

The psychological aspect plays a key role here. Ultimately, the transformation can only succeed if all of us work together and over the long term. Sustainable behavioural change cannot work if it is only decided on by a few people. Everybody must be involved.

We demonstrate how a cross-role and cross-functional exchange can be implemented throughout the entire organisation. This enables green action to gradually become business as usual. 

Rethinking and starting again

Where can we create something new? How do we break up old patterns and routines? And which levers can we simply flip over? We need new ways of thinking: Green culture becomes part of the company DNA.

Our transformation consulting and support defines a clear framework so that you can take targeted actions to move your green culture to the next level.