The people behind HR4GREEN:

Organisational developers, change experts, HR managers.

We are experienced HR consultants, organisation development specialists, and management trainers. Through many years of working with our customers, we have spent a lot of time travelling: We know our way around airports, train stations and taxi ranks.

When the pandemic suddenly put the brakes on everything, we began to pay more attention to our immediate surroundings. Opportunities arose for new ideas, such as the set-up of paperless offices, the creation of insect sanctuaries, or the organisation of environmental camps for young people.

We left the freeways to discover previously unknown hiking paths in the countryside. We gained a new appreciation for the beauty and, at the same time, the vulnerability of our common living space.

The renowned photographer Steve McCurry says: “In disaster zones, all I can do is take pictures, but at least I can do that – and this develops a coping effect and that is my small contribution!”

HR4GREEN is our contribution.

“We can manage change, organisation development and process-supporting HR instruments. And this is our contribution to managing the climate crisis. The community of HR and organisation developers can have a huge effect.”

(Alexandra Hiekel, Founder, Entrepreneur, HR Manager, Psychologist)

“Crises always bring with them the opportunity to effect positive change. It is important to support this change and to shape it. Transformation is going to happen. To ensure that it is successful, we need early action instead of late reaction. When the moment comes when you can no longer act, you can no longer control the direction.”

(Jan Zöller, Founder and Managing Director, former German Army Officer, Leadership Developer, Organisational Psychologist)

“As soon as framework conditions are redefined and inner attitudes change among a critical mass of people, processes begin to move almost automatically. The recent past has shown just how fast, for example, virtual working has spread. And why should the same thing not happen with regard to environmental awareness, without activism and hysteria?”

(Stefan Dirk, Founder, IT Professional, HR Tools Consultant, Business Economist)

“The ecological balancing of economic and social goals and measures is the most important and most urgent challenge of our time. Accepting this challenge, tackling it together with our partners in the organisations and supporting a sustainably effective development of awareness at all decision-making levels – I am fully committed to all of this.”

(Dr. Ralf Schimetzek, Founder, Personnel Developer & Change Manager from the Chemical Industry,  Engineer)